An awesome idea to reuse an old suitcase and a pillow into inspirational bed for pets. The orange color and the pattern of the pillow match up really nice and for someone who own a dog would surely find this novel idea really exciting. This also made me nostalgic because I recalled on my dog that I have left in Germany with the rest of my family.

On the website, the maker specifically wrote down the instructions on how to make this dog bed and the cost is only about 10$. This is really economical and stylish to have it in your home. Also the tools needed to build can be used without professional skills and those are:

  • Vintage Suitcase (hard shell)
  • Tools (hammer, screwdriver)
  • Pillow and Pillow Sham

Everyone has an extra pillow and a old suitcase that they do not use . Hence this is really practical idea of using them and turning into a dog bed.